Monday, April 5, 2010


I know it's supposed to be Monday with all the requisite whining about work and traffic and such. Sorry to disappoint you. I'm feeling pretty refreshed these days, today included. I am still internet access-less at home. I will have this rectified by Thursday or Friday at the latest. At that point I can again add photos to my posting. These "No photo" entries drive me a little nuts. I love the visuals.

This may be slowing me down...or (almost better) it is giving me time to read. I've been reading things like books and newspapers and I've even been doing these amazing feats sitting in a living room comfy chair in the afternoon; as opposed to propped up in bed half an hour before lights out. I got a batch of cookies made yesterday morning - and promptly left them all with my friends and family up in the mountains. They are very very lucky, and now I have to bake a whole new batch for me. (oh yeah, oh darn)

It's a good thing I'm running these days. I say that for all the cookies I've been ingesting. Running has been good. We ran as a team on Saturday - as scheduled. The slow team (over twelve minutes for a mile - that's me) is scheduled to run 160 minutes. I admit it. I cheated. I ran (or walked really really fast, by my standards) for 120 minutes. I'll get the other 40 minutes on there soon.

I found it synchronistic that last year on Easter Saturday (my first year in Seattle) I visited West Seattle and Alki Beach for the first time. It was during that visit that I found rosemary and sage are used as ornamental bushes - and how cool is that! This year on East Saturday, as scheduled, I ran from Lincoln Park north to Alki Beach, and the rosemary and sage are just every where. Without trying it appears Alki has become my personal Easter Saturday tradition. I can live with this. I'd be happy to live with this. Traditions.

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