Friday, April 16, 2010

FourSquareDay - Holiday for Social Media?…-and-the-entire-internet/

I get the 4/16 thing with today's date. It's the "Holiday for Social Media" that has me scrunching my eyebrows in confusion. Did I need a "Holiday"? Only if it's a paid holiday.

I'll be looking into this further today. Any thoughts? My brain seems to be missing an element to make this an event for me. Maybe "holiday" has connotations of Thanksgiving or Independence Day - not people bent over their cell phone/blackberries. I'm working on this.

As far as social media...this space station astronaut is twittering from space - totally cool - for twitter add @Astro_Soichi.

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  1. Um, happy belated 4SQ Day. Sounds like a day for squares...