Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Good Run

Every day that I run is a good day. Every run is a good run, for one reason or another (even when I feel like lead, and it's cold and windy and the ground is wet). Today was a good run; it was dry and the wind was calm. I needed some activity. My brain is playing games which is always a good reason to get outside.

On my way back today, during the second half of the run, I looked up to see a far off ridge of trees to the east of me. The ridge was green spires of cedar, firs and maybe some pine...who knows. Beyond the spires of tree tops clouds were building into giant cumulus marshmallows as they butted up against the Cascade Mountains. I am hit with the knowledge that I live in the Northwest. How totally cool to have chosen a home and here I am.

On another level as of late I feel as if I am running toward something; running to meet it. This too is a great feeling.

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  1. If she's as good at making a little go a long way as you are, you guys will do very well.
    Now I'm hungry