Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Living Together

My daughter has moved in, messed up her room just right, and put all her stuff around the bathtub and bathroom sink. She's here. We live toghether now. The energy has changed in the house. I appreciate that she brought some good energy with her. But, I worry.

I worry that I can't provide, that I'll get under her skin, that I'm a hands-off Mom - but that can change on a dime (and good luck seeing that one coming). I did something last night that seems to have gone over rather well. Better than I thought it would.

I'm on a tight budget here until I go back to work (I'm currently between contracts). I had a full tank of gas when the week began (but DD's been driving around the neighborhood), we have videos for our leisure and food in the cupboard. I'm not worried, per se, but I don't want to stress as we get closer to paycheck. Last night Dear Daughter (DD) and I went through the cupboards and freezer. We have over two weeks worth of menuable items. Two weeks worth of food. I stretch the truth just a bit, we will need milk and a brick of cheese to make all this work for a full two weeks. DD came up with more menus than I. She's good at this.

I'm glad DD's had the chance to live on her own. She's had the chance to make a paycheck last. She totally gets it. The thrill is in making everything work on nothing. Two can live cheaper than one - with us two anyway.

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