Thursday, April 8, 2010

New Chapter

While the back story of Marathon Madness continues, I will be adding a character layer for my daughter moving to Washington state. She will be arriving on Tuesday. She too is making a leap and kick-starting life. I don't know how much stuff she gave away or sold, I just know she is moving out here too.

This weekend I have put aside the time to make her room welcoming. I have picked up a bedside table for her. I have a chest of drawers (on loan) and a blow-up bed (on loan as well). I started cleaning out the closet last weekend. I still have work to do there to finish emptying that closet. I would just like for her to have a room to call her own. Yet, (there's always a 'yet') I'm leaving the Thanksgiving/Christmas decorations in the closet. I think she'll get over it.

Some things coming out of her room will be moved into the living room, my room has the chest of drawers that needs to be moved, and the living room needs some rearranging to make everything fit against walls so I don't have to climb over furntiure to get to the kitchen - always a chore that way. I've invited a friend to bring her strong arms over to help wrestle furniture. If she doesn't respond by tonight I'm calling in my reserves (also known as new friends).

It's a new chapter for me, for my never really slows down, now does it?


  1. Life changes like these are so powerful. It's difficult to give up space to allow ?adult? children to move in (you didn't mention how old she is.)

    (This is SunTiger XO writing from my OTHER blog) on gardening on writing

  2. I had Chris living with me on and off when I had my other "own" place. I was lucky to have a two bedroom place at the time.

    If he came home now (gosh, I hope not, he's 28) he'd be sleeping on the sofa :-)