Monday, April 12, 2010

Interior Design or...

Interior Design or What I did this weekend.

And here for viewing my before pictures and after pictures. I had thought the room was clean when I started. But picture clean and live-in-it clean are two completely different types of clean. This was not a weekend of "clean" meaning "hide", which usually works. This was a weekend of cleaning as in toss it out(old) to make room for stuff to come out of the box(new). empty boxes and all my notes on life (which have been known to take up the entire room)
more empty boxes - they've been offered up on Freecycle. Hey, they're good boxes.

Has been reconfigured into...a bedroom worthy of calling "Home".

Note: Wicked witch's ruby slippers - She's gone. This just isn't Kansas. Time to start over in living color.


  1. My bedroom still looks a bit like the top pic. One of thee day's I'll get my mattress off the floor. I wish someone would come over and force me to throw stuff out :-)

  2. I would love to be a Professional Organizer. Were you reading some of my notes on life and goals in that first photo?

    PS: I highly recommend our friend Juan to design and build a mattress lifter-off-the-floorer. I think they have named those things beds.