Monday, June 22, 2009

Unmarked bills

Just an overall catch up here.

In the Fremont district is a bar...9 Million in Unmarked Bills. I love the name.

Somewhere in this last Saturday's fair I found myself in a lovely plant shop. This was full of lighting and hydroponic equipment, full strength fertilizers. The kicker was when I saw they were selling rocks - $1.50 per pound. Rocks. Not a truck load. Just some rocks. I suppose I just never needed rocks before. I suppose I figured it was a barter-able item. A dollar fifty a pound, amazing. I'll take the 9 million in unmarked bills...and NOT buy any rocks.

The Solstice Parade was a party. It was wonderful. At one point when the nude bicyclists had pretty much all gone by my married friend mentioned the, "I can still look" phrase. Being single as I am, it has become wholly evident that looking is much more comfortable than acting on anything more. In fact, that whole being a part of something scares the b-jeepers out of me. I'm out of my comfort zone when it goes beyond looking. Now that I've been on both sides of the fence (married and not married)...looking is good. Looking is just fine. Window shopping is a healthy activity regardless of the state of one's pocketbook. Intention is what gets folks in trouble. And since I have no idea what my intentions are anymore, I didn't start out with any....well, that may be trouble too.

My supervisor has already put in for another two month extension on my contract, which isn't up for a month and a half - so this is good news. My supervisor found out last week she is only allowed to contract for a position 220 days (about 10 months). I think she worries about me. A co-worker sent over an job posting in another department. I had mentioned to my supervisor that this e-mailed posting is right along what I do now and she started assisting with the application process, going so far as to start writing the essay portion of the questionnaire just the way she would like to see it written (yeah, she micro-manages a bit). The two positions could be a good fit to further our cause in the overall scheme of things. I would be able to assist my current manager with information that would most certainly make life a little easier in the work front. I got my application and an updated resume in for that one (I wrote the essay myself, thank you). There's three more openings coming I may yet keep a roof over my head. Not a bad deal.

I wonder that I'm finally able to wind down a bit. The work front is coming along. I made it to Wisconsin for a lovely graduation, and wonderful family and precious friends. I came home with one daughter for a week to let her rest and relax and get away from her everyday - and now she's gone home to Wisconsin. I suppose I can start doing the day to day thing now. Roof, food, gasoline, job, internet....and my friends.

It seems next week one of my friends is going to start teaching me to play tennis. So, when did tennis make such a come-back? She wants to play doubles and has to have somebody to bring to the table. Hey, I'll give it a shot. I should get over to the resale shop and find a racket this next week. That'd be a good start...


  1. At a buck fifty a pound it wouldnt take long to run up a bill, eh? (Sorry, I broke the quote key on my laptop, apostrophes will be absent, and I do like my contractions. That doesnt sound quite right, does it...?)

    Married or not I always looked and always will (still am, hope to be not by Feb, but whatever).

    Good luck with the job thing. I have heard of people retiring after 25 years of contract renewals but it would freak me out. Im glad you got to spend a week with one of your girls. Chris called me Sunday to wish me a Happy Fathers Day so that was good :-)

    Careful with the tennis thing. Protect those elbows, because its a lot easier to drink with good functioning elbows...

    I guess I could have made this an entry, but you and JadedJ are the only ones who would likely read it :D


  2. drinking...I will definintely keep in mind being able to drink. This is a priceless bit of insight for me. Thank you, Doug!

  3. Hey looking is always better! My wife says if I stop looking at all the people she will know something serious is wrong with me! Good luck on the tennis!

  4. Of all the things to do naked, even in my prime, riding a bike would be very low on the list. Way down there. Yikes.
    Tennis is great. I got drafted into it after moving to the left coast, as well. I don't think I'm very good but those who drafted me claim I'm a natural. Elbow or no, I really like it. Best thing is to resist urge to use a lot of force. It usually screws up and that's what results in the issue.
    I'm glad I started playing.

  5. I don't call it looking, merely being observant. Some sights or more interesting to observe than others.

  6. observant. Yes, I like that...