Friday, June 12, 2009

Mid-week update...

Graduation ceremonies were lovely. I do find it interesting that the student speaker used a Rodney Dangerfield quote as the basis for his thereoms. Rodney Dangerfield....huh, generation bending stuff. Pretty funny too. :D

The weather is perfect, 72 degrees, sunny, light breeze. I wouldn't have ordered it any different if I'd thought to order it.

Everyone is behaving. Plans and ideas for the summer months are getting sketched out - and I'm pleased to see very few idle moments in the projected schedule for my girls. If my own next few months (years) would only allow this kind of planning...then breathing would be easier. Not to worry.

Graduation party is tomorrow. Work crew - family - is coming over this afternoon to clean up the place and start some serious cooking. This is good, we've been doing some serious pre-partying all week. I took last nights bottles out to the recycle bin....hmmmm, it's already a heavy bin to get to the curb this week (that's a good thing!).

My youngest, wow, my youngest is done with high school. I know there is a lifetime still of things to do and to worry about for each of my children. It is just that this "first" part is done. It started yesterday. It started a lifetime ago.

Here I sit in the house my children had chicken pox in, and we held cub scout meetings with my son and his group, we frosted cupcakes for the entire class here. Why is it I have no problem leaving this behind? Should I feel a loss or a yearning? Hope not. 'Cause I don't.

Good day, good weekend...I get home on Sunday. I'm not in a hurry to get home yet. Each day is great just as it is.

**EDIT: My daughter made the Gazette! Full color, top center. OMG! They sold a couple extra papers today!!


  1. Congrats, S! To you and your daughter!

    When it's an especially good day, I say, "You just can't buy better weather than this>" You may use that :-)

    A house is not a home.

    Have fun, easy on the wine, don't eat too many cupcakes, see ya soon.

  2. Nice thing about chicken pox is you can get some of that edible finger-paint and play "connect the dots." Draw some really weird stuff on your kid's body. :D