Sunday, June 7, 2009

Heaven & Hell

I little exploring this morning has brought me to an amazing video/project.  What a way to ride an elevator.  Start in hell and rise to heaven.  Check it out!

There's your Sunday-Go-To-Meeting moment.  The storyline on the site is fascinating as well.  Let me know what you think.

Graduation season is upon us.  I fly back to Wisconsin this week for my own wonderful graduate.  My youngest (Hi Sam!!!) is stepping out this week.  She's my graduate.  I leave first thing Tuesday morning from the left coast, have a 3 hour and 8 minute layover in Minneapolis before I get to fly into the beloved Cheesehead country just in time to miss dinner.  It was a cheap flight, layovers don't bother me, though it will be a long day - I'll find a good book before I go.  

Today I am surrounded by boxes wondering when they will be un-packed as they sit watching me yet pack carry-on luggage.  Hey, when you live alone all things take on their own personality. 
(Should I be seeking help?)  The lovely decor of "Early Washingtonian Days Boxes" is only a week old.  I get six months of living this way and it's still cool...right?  Can I milk this effect for a year and still claim coolness? (Do I get to claim coolness regardless?)

Some photos to share from previous weeks.  This may be a lovely building, but the photo is to show the lovely street I get to run up to catch my next bus.  Am I feeling buff?  NO!

And finally...there are gentlemen out there these days that wear suits and hats and carry briefcases.  Here's the proof.  Hat being the operative word (refer to earlier post).

Have a great week!  Hug every one you love!


  1. I emptied all the boxes I had, and what do I do? Buy large electronic devices that come in large boxes. I'm afraid to toss them just yet in case something happens to my toys while under warranty.

    I'm glad I don't cycle up streets like that.

    Have a great week, S!

  2. Have a safe fun filled trip to the graduation. Love and hugs to yu also my friend!

  3. I'm trying to get that video to load. Things are running slow so I'm still stuck with that mass of people doing whatever it is they are doing. Is that hell or an unusual group activity? I think they have clubs specifically for that purpose. I could see how that would be hell, or just being stuck down there alone. I'll keep trying and maybe I'll get beyond that point.
    Yea, Brubeck, Take Five. One great tune!!