Saturday, June 6, 2009

Friday Night Downtown

It's tourist season in Seattle AND it's Friday night as the "ducks" roll through downtown.  These folks DO get to sit up really high.  They get a great view up there.  I wouldn't have even noticed this particular duck rolls up to my stop light except for the blaring music.  Specifically, "I'm going nowhere.  Somebody help me, yeah."  I look up from the corner where embossed in the cement is the street name (it really is pretty) and I see these captive tourist...going nowhere.  Hey, what can I say...I waved.
Seattle is more full of people at close of business on Fridays than any other day of the week.  The weather has been wonderfully warm lately and sunny for the last two weeks, at least.  People watching has been excellent.  I would have spent some time and found a spot to sit and watch as I have before.  Unfortunately, my new bus schedule is a little more restrictive about when I leave the city.

I love the new buses.  These are commuter buses.  These are comfortable.  I get on the bus in the morning at a Park and Ride.  We make three more stops and get on the freeway.  I really do have a chauffeur.  "To work, James." or sometimes it's "To work, Jane."  Three stops after we get off the freeway and downtown I get off the bus and go find the intercity buses.  This is almost luxury.

My new route has taken me on different streets; past different stores.  I have been taking photos through the bus windows on occasion.  I've about given up on that tact.  On Friday night I walked from the post office (the one on 3rd Street)(and yes, I finally changed my address, yet again) up the street to 4th Street turned the corner heading south to find the first bus stop kiosk that had my numbers. (Do I sound like I have a gambling problem?  Gotta get my numbers, man.)  The store with the windows that make me drool is on that second block.  
I don't know the name.  I never get past looking at the dresses.  This is eye candy.  This is couture that I don't think I'll ever wear, and that's not the point.  The point is, it is really cool.  This dress is my favorite.  It's just like the hat store...this comes from some movie I'd love to see.
Edit:  I found the name of the dress store:  Luly Yang - This woman is incredible - worth a visit to her site -

Two things to leave you with:
I promise to take down the BeeGee's tune at end of day here Saturday.
And if this Duck thing is interesting - here's the


  1. Would Lily Yang ride a duck...? Just wondering.

  2. Excellent question. I may just have to e-mail her to find out.

  3. Just like the Duck rides at the Dells in Wisconsin.

  4. yep Tim! The only difference is the license plate.