Sunday, January 11, 2009

Lazy Sunday morning

The new strings are on the guitar. It's all polished up and the woodwork is warm to gaze upon. I've put the wire cutters back in the toolbox and the dusting spray back in the cupboard. I'll have to cut my fingernails to get any kind of clear tone. Damn, I like my nails this length. Oh, such sacrifices...(wry smile)

I'd like to thank my newest friend, Fred, for reminding me of things I've enjoyed in my life. Every day should contain some joy. I'm resubmitting music into this category. It's been made available again. Excellent gift.


  1. I change my strings every couple of months. Love the sound!!!

  2. I'm guessing it won't take you long to get back to where you were when you stopped. Playing a guitar is a lot like riding a bicycle except, of course, you don't sit on it and pedal...