Saturday, January 17, 2009

Good things come to those prepared

So I'm preparing. Finally. Every phone call in the last few weeks has been affirming and reaffirming my own beliefs that I get off my little round behind and get some things done. My resume looks better every week. But I'm the only one reading it. The few places I have sent it out to seem more like an exercise than a real opportunity. There is corporate headquarters to a regional retail firm within walking distance of my apartment. They have openings that look promising. They will be getting my resume, and a phone call, and some known people for references. Ends up I do know people after all. So, there's one thing I learned this weekend. Add this submission to my to-do list.

This evening after two hours on the phone with my brother I started cleaning out my closet. He was saying the exact same thing my BFF in Seattle is saying (for the last two months). Basically, wondering why I'm sitting on my ass when I really want to be moving on. I cleaned out one side of my closet this evening. Either it's down in the dumpster for pick up, or it's in boxes marked "Goodwill". Clothes are easy. All the stuff I have squirreled away for projects is a little tougher. I've always got my fingers into something, quilting, weaving rugs, photos into albums, gardening, books and books and books. I'm rather proud to have two boxes of material or sewing gadget stuff thingys ready to go to the second hand store as well. Why have I been holding onto these LP's from my parents days? Even my mom doesn't want them. They are stacked on the give away boxes too.

I do find it a bit amazing that as I am dragging things out to get rid of a tidal wave of stuff has been unleashed in my room. I can't seem to find the plug to stop this overflow. It has reached the dining room. I had to stop. I'm bushed. Throwing things out is more stressful than I'd like to admit. I've made a path to my bed, the bathroom and my closet. Good 'nuf. Let it go, let it go...


  1. I tossed things before I moved, after I moved, and I still have things in my closets. I hate to throw anything away I "might use later", but to be realistic, if sometning is transferred from one closet to another, the odds are it won't ever be needed.

    Until about a month after it's thrown away.

  2. Oh how Id love to have those old lps! Tghe older I get the more I hang on to the old stuff. Ive got 8tracks lps still playing the original nintendo 8 bit games I collect old coins stamps anything that is old I just love HmmmMaybe I am a packrat like my wife says.Anyway the best of luck to ya Im sure the perfect job is just waiting for ya. Take car my friend Hope your week ahead is a great one!

  3. I cleaned out my closet and dresser this weekend. Too much stuff!!!!

  4. I'm the exact opposite. I grab a Hefty Steel Sack and just start packing it with everything that isn't nailed down.

    All of my memories are in my mind, not stored on boxes. I could pack all of my material memories into the trunk of a Honda Civic. The rest would sitting curb side waiting for the trash man.

    Two hours max. and I'm done, closet cleaned, cobwebs cleared.

    Sorry to hear you're leaving the area. But, you gotta do what's best for you.

  5. I so relate to this entry. When I'm cleaning out my closets, etc., I merely ask myself: "how do I feel when I look at this?"

    If I don't have an emotional reaction . . . it's time for it to go. If I feel a negative reaction, it's past time for it to have gone.

    OUT WITH THE OLD, IN WITH THE NEW! (Good for you!)