Saturday, January 24, 2009


I've gotten to the point of instead of "what if" it's become "why not". The "what if" is merely a question of when. I'm referring to the job front. This morning I was on the computer scanning two job sites for positions in two very different locations. I found two worth applying for. I started at 7:30 this morning. Between the two sites, and then two different locations I finally signed off just after noon. Online applications are an interesting exercise. An exercise in sending thoughts out into the aether. I can believe I am accomplishing something if I want to. When the reality of where these applications end up is truly an unknown. I did get the position I have now from an online application. I can't discount the possibility that all the gateways and "send now" buttons actually work. There is just so much anonymity involved that being able to actually contact a human being is yet another time consuming exercise. Government jobs are the most time consuming. They are also the ones I have a hard time believing will actually be reviewed. I'm throwing it out there. One never knows, until later.

I had a headache after this morning's computer exercise. I did get out for a walk. It took fifteen minutes just to get bundled up to head out the door. I now understand permafrost. I live in it. I was tired of the cold the minute it showed up this season. I've been avoiding it. Last year kicked my butt with the blizzards and the blistering cold. Prior to that I was out jogging and walking in this stuff like any regular lunatic. The walk today did me good. Mind you fresh air wasn't available behind the wool scarf wrapped twice around my face. The sun was so bright reflecting off the snow that I'm sure I did much of the walk with my eyes closed. The tops of my cheeks still sting from where the scarf wouldn't stay up. But my body works. My legs felt great, and my back wanted me to stand up straight rather than hunch over through this chill. I love the sound of crunching snow. Great sound.

When I got home and started shedding the layers it was just a natural extension to crawl into bed. I fell asleep with the sun streaming in the window over me. Four and a half hours later I was thinking I should maybe get up and go to the grocery store when Mom called to say she's bringing dinner to cook up. Chicken pesto pizza. She can come over anytime. I'll pick up groceries tomorrow after work, maybe.

All in all it's a no name day, but I would do it again.


  1. A no name day? Well, It was your day, so I suppose you can call it anything you like, but it seems to me you did quite a bit. Good for you!

    All I did was putz around the house cleaning. Someone put a soda in the freezer and of course it exploded, so I had to clean that mess up and nobody claimed responsibility for the crime, so I guess we have a soda loving ghost.

    Then there was laundry, beds and other loose ends to take care of. A typical SAHD's day.

    Remember when Saturday's were fun? Seems like a million years ago.

  2. I spend weekends doing nearly nothing at all. I get my laundry done as soon as I get home on Friday, and then I'm online or on the telephone. My one break is going out to shoot photos if it's a decent day, or going to the Toucan. Sundays are for making a big breakfast for Tyler and I and generally vegging out.