Friday, January 30, 2009

Bait & Switch

It was good interview practise. It was an exercise in composure. It was also a total bust. The position I had gone to the service for is "no longer available. But we'll keep your information on record should another similar position come up." *%ckers. And there's a couple comments that keep replaying, such as, "Give us a call when you are available." as in wait for the ax to fall. I know, I just know, it was the wrong place. But that line, the "let's be reactive, not proactive" that really pushed it home for me.

I'm actually not particularly upset. I didn't expect this to be the "one". I did expect encouragement. I did expect a connection. Ends up they just don't have many postings after all. I find myself wondering if I was a fish, they are fishing (not phishing). I'm happily back to the job boards. And I've gotten some leads from friends and family in the last two days. The one I'm perfect for just doesn't know me yet. But I've put the energy out there, and the gas money, and all good things come to those prepared.

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  1. I hope something comes up for you. I should have switched jobs over the years, but it was way too easy to keep going to work and not have to look. I did check out a cuple of places, but one of them took "team" to a whole nother level.