Saturday, January 15, 2011

The past comes back

Thank you for all your great support. The interview went very well. I'm qualified. Unfortunately, they cannot promise me a full forty hours a week.
Yes, the place I'm currently working did offer me the job, but the official start date keeps getting put off. There's more red tape in hiring than one would ever imagine. If it is all going to unravel at least I will be ready. If it finally all gets knitted together then I have a couple pearls to add to the weave.

Here's the crazy part of the interview. The woman,Carol, and I were comparing places we've lived. Just warm up talk. I was speaking of San Francisco State and for some reason she asked me if I knew anyone from Fremont. Oh yeah, my college roommate Pat H. was from Fremont. Carol says, "Patti?" Who knew...Patti and Carol were great friends in HS and a bit longer. It was Carol that helped Patti play that joke on me through the mail saying Patti had run off to France and gotten married. It was the best interview warm up conversation ever.

Damn, this world just keeps getting smaller.

They'll be doing more interviews this coming week. I expect to hear from them in two weeks or so. I'll wait till then to consider this position further
Have I mentioned lately that I've moved up and down the coast and back and forth across the country, a couple times, since college? This is amazing stuff here. It serves to remind me there are only miracles.


  1. I cannot read the script on my computer monitor...

  2. Keep networking,and good luck!

  3. Bobby, you have to highlight it... for some reason it's too light.

    Yes, the world IS getting smaller. I have had some similar weird happenings over the years... it's almost scary.

  4. Did you write this in pencil?
    Seems whatever the font spec is in your whatnab, has decided faded out chem trail blue is the color of the day.
    It's ok, I could read it. I thought maybe you were sort of unsure about posting so you did it real light. Kind of like not a totally committed post.

    That's quite a wild thing about the Carol and Patti connection. Sounds like you owe payback on a practical joke. I'd at least milk it for some guilt

  5. That is a lousy font color...I won't be using the cut/paste option again. Huh