Friday, January 28, 2011


Yes, we are Cheeseheads. And PROUD of it! We now have the cheese to prove it. Go Peeackers Go!! I so love SuperBowl Sunday. Valentines Day is nothing compared to SuperBowl Sunday.

Hmm...interesting. I've started writing in the "we" instead of the "I" mode. I come home and either make dinner or get served dinner. No more popcorn for dinner. The girls want a real meal. After dinner last night Thing Two picked up the guitar and played me "Blackbird" from the Beatles. Two nights ago she had come into my room with a handwritten piece of paper of bar chords. She wanted me to show her finger placement. We talked about bar chords, finger strength, learning new stuff. Last night she played a tune for me. Several times she played it actually. I so appreciate the guitar the girls presented to me for my birthday last month. It had been three years since a musical instrument had been in the house. I missed it. Last night I was reminded why.

Family is forever. Music is comforting. Love does last.


  1. I'm totally rooting for the pack. The steelers can pack sand.

  2. Good thing about cheese heads, if you bite their head off it works out just fine.

  3. Are we gonna see a youtube vid of you playing...?