Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Moving Van Cometh

I am in awe. I actually thought I was going to live here a little longer. I thought the apartment was home. But, no. It appears I will be moving in the next 60 days, or sooner. I was finally settling in. Kind of. I only had one Christmas/New Years here.

One daughter moved in with me in April. My other daughter will be joining us in October. There is a three bedroom flat available a half a block away. It would work wonderfully. For the same price there are several homes (un-apartments) available in the surrounding neighborhoods. Daughter One and I will be looking at one tomorrow night. I'm not sure my head is wrapped around the idea that I will be moving. What an amazing concept.

If I could just land that "permanent" position all this would feel grand. Without it, all this leaves me feeling a bit trepidatious.


  1. Geez. And I thought I was genetically doomed to vagabondedness.
    D1 and D2, both? They got it, too.
    Hope the best place comes through.