Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Girls, girls, girls

Actually, it will be four women in my pretty decent size apartment next month. For a week. All the sudden my home doesn't feel so large.


  1. Have fun. That is just enough to scare me away.


  2. Id llove to be a fly on the wall no telling what Id hear!

  3. Connection is iffy here in the hills so I will comment on everything at once.
    There was a time when I thought four girls in my apartment for an overnight or two would be heaven. Reality must have caught up.

    The double standard? You are kidding yourself if you think it works heavily against women. I believe they invented it, but I can see it works both ways. No way I let that one go uncontested. However, I am unwiling to trade life as a male. Double standards or not, I'm used to the laziness and the pitfalls.

    Foot story? You have a foot story off to be published? Is it the story of a foot--like stories about rabbits who go wandering, but this is a feet version? Maybe not. Good luck.