Saturday, September 11, 2010

Air Multiplier (huh)

Yes, it is called an Air Multiplier. That's why I had to walk over to the display and see what the sign was talking about. These Stargate-in-miniature thingies are sitting on the shelf at Best Buy and according to the sign they "multiply air".

Air multiplier. It's a fan. It's a blade-less fan. Or rather the blades may be inside the Stargate. Yet, when I put my hand inside the Stargate it did not disappear into another reality plane. It got windy, but my hand didn't disappear into another realm. I don't know what I expected, it's not a "reality multiplier". I'm a little let down. There wasn't even any shimmer of liquid silver or anything. Don't these copywriters watch Sci-Fi?


  1. Easy claim. How would we know if something we can't see got multiplied or not?

  2. And they cost 300 bucks at my local best buy! More like a money mulitplier to me!