Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Pink clouds, pink skies and little bits of blue skies just to make a show - the baby shades of those two colors. That's what the sky looks like as I drive into work and as I drive home these days. The sun is just rising as I go in, and just setting as I come home. (I'll be back on the bus tomorrow. In the meantime,) The sky here is pink, a salmoney pink, the whole sky it seems. It's not unnatural, yet I don't know that I've ever seen this phenomenon for so many days anywhere else.

The sky, the sunrise, reflects on the mirrored exteriors of downtown buildings. At the right angle one can see the rising sun and Cascade Mountains and pink sky all reflected on the eastern side of the building - little boxes of mirrored moment making a canvassed building. I'm driving. It's wonderfully distracting.

And it does it again in the evening when I go home. This time the sun plays in the Olympic Mountains and bursts pink onto the skies. It's so easy to smile here.


  1. And what a lovely smile you possess my dear friend. And you thought I couldn't see ya! Hope your humpday has been a special one. Bless your heart my dear I love ya!

  2. Sigh. I still go to work before sunrise, but I get to drive into one on Mondays after I start my route.