Sunday, February 7, 2010

It's been a week of...

It's been a week of exhaustion - the good kind. The kind of tired that takes over when your plate is full of great things to eat. I have to admit, I get going on some things and I don't want to stop even while I know its time to stop, or too much will ruin the fun. I haven't made time to get much written here, now have I?

It started last Sunday. I am taking this marathon training seriously. The trainers have given me a schedule. I have committed to doing this. I signed on with this program because there are coaches/trainers. I started my Sunday with a short run. When my friends came over for the afternoon to kibbutz over scrapbooking, well that filled my day with the best companionship - and goodness knows we laughed almost all afternoon. I just want to remind readers how precious friends are. Make time for them. That's all they really ask of one. And it's such a pleasure. It was hard to say goodbye at the end of the afternoon. It may have been time to go, we just weren't done having a good time. I went off the church shortly after that and was made to feel absolutely welcome and part of the group. Here you may want to replay any Cheers episode when Norm walks into the bar and everyone yells the greeting, "Norm!". That's how it feels.

Tuesdays and Saturdays the Team in Training group meets to train for the marathon in June. As a new group we are all finding our running pace and introducing ourselves to the people that are near that same pace. There is a beautiful place in town, Green Lake, that has running trails around it. We ran this on Tuesday. It's more of a promenade to see and be seen. We ran this after work, after dark. Oh, I am lit up in reflective gear that makes me look like a crazy christmas tree, believe me I was seen. Afterwards a group of us went out for pizza and beer. (Norm!) I opted for root beer. (Norm?) I figured that had enough calories already. The table I sat at had two trainers, two newbies, and one regular half-marathon runner going for the big one this time(she has run 3 half-marathons in the last 18 months). These are folks I don't pace in with. There are a hundred people on this team. We are a formidable group when we go running together. As an individual, I run on Wednesday and Thursday to keep to the schedule. On those nights I run, take a shower, have dinner and go to bed - I'm pooped.

This Thursday night I stopped in with my friend in town to have dinner after my run. I didn't know I could shower so fast. It's been forever since I've had spaghetti. Especially with a spicy marinara and italian sausage. Oh, total yum. I was stuffed when I left - and wonderfully tired.

Anyone reading me for awhile knows I moved to Seattle a year ago March (we are coming up on a year). I had been crying in my pretzels and beer in Wisconsin of my lack of interaction with friends and people in general. My two best friends I would see twice a year - at best. If my phone rang it was one of my children wanting a ride, money or both.

Life is good. In a year I have friends I see often, regularly even. I am ingrained in a new group that is interesting and uplifting and finally I am up off the couch in a whole new environment doing something I have wanted to do since I was 31 years old (yes, background dreams for 18 years) and meeting an entirely new group of people.

The Team in Training thing is one answer to raising funds for cancer research. I feel good about this. If you can help ($5 is good, I wonder if the machine accepts a dollar, that'd be good too) please visit my page at Sarah Runs. It's the best way to lurk!

PS: My children call to chat these days. How cool is that?

I know pride goeth before the fall. All the above is because I made it happen. My crying in my pretzels and beer changed because I did something about it. I expect I'll be doing something about it from here until the old folks home kicks me out for installing a disco ball.

And hey! It's SuperBowlSunday!! I love football.


  1. It's been good to read this last year, Sarah, from your deleteing your previous life in Wisconsin by getting rid of your things, the almost total success in getting across the country without bother, and through the feeling out of your new city, finding a job, and making your own place.

    You're a cool woman to know, and I'm glad we're friends. We can't visit, but still.

    I'm with you on everything, but with football, you're on your own :-)

  2. Im happy for you my friend. Yu have come a long way in your life in a very short period of time. I wish for yu continued success in everything you do. Keep up the great work!

  3. Well, Doug, it's always wonderful to see the world thru your "eyes". Thank you. And Ron, I'm with you in that there is nothing but success. We really have no choice. And how cool is that!

  4. Good for you and the whole marathon thing. I admire your drive!

  5. What you are doing is quite admirable. I greatly admire how you got here and what you are doing now. One strong woman you are.

  6. Good for you! I wish you all the luck.

  7. Suzan!! Hi - and back at ya! It is good to see you here!

    (emoticon here of little man waving hello)