Friday, February 19, 2010

Goals and Aspirations

Three goals this year - they seem like big goals from this perspective. I think by the end of the year it will all be worth celebrating, but not seem such a big deal. The same three recurrent thoughts have been invading my brain: quitting smoking, that marathon thingy (Sarah Runs) and having all my debt paid in full. So, here I am signed on for the 1/2 marathon, I have challenged myself to quit smoking for 365 consecutive days (I'm on day 62 and doing fine), and I want to get my debt reduced by half (or more) for the new year. The first two ideas I've taken action on. This third one has me stumped. I don't see any lottery winnings in my future. I keep forgetting to buy a ticket.

I have found a website I enjoy poking around - It's a great jumping off point to a lot of other blogs and random sites written by real people doing the incredible - paying off all their debt and keeping it that way (can you imagine purchasing a new car with cash? I'm rethinking my personal mindset with that one). The title certainly helps. I feel better about it already.


  1. Good luck on attaining all your goals!

  2. I think you have the smoking thing licked, and you'll do great in the marathon.

    I don't know about you, but I don't want to live under a bridge so I can buy a new car cash :-)

  3. I'm not sure I want a new much as a newer car. So cash is definitely plausible (tho not this year).