Saturday, October 3, 2009

Weather Report

My balcony

Bike riding weather today!! Excellent, excellent excellent morning. I cannot believe that it has been a year since I've been on my bike. I lived on my bike last year - went everywhere. I cleaned the bike up and put it away last year in October; oiled the chain, took off gadgets for holding things, wiped it all down pretty and tucked into the back corner of the garage where the salt wouldn't get to it.

And then the great re-location of 2009 swept in and pulled the bike out of the corner and tossed it into the back of a pretend pick-up truck. Poor bike was hoping it would go for a ride, it went for a ride alright. Spent a week in the back of the pretend pick-up with ever changing snow and 70 mile an hour winds with an ironing board for company for god's sake, where's the dignity in that? To be thrown into the back of a truck with no cover, no care; whipping, biting winds, sun all day then cold, burning cold all night. The front rim warped. Or had something set on it - possibly the cooler. It never recovered.

I finally got the new rim two weekends ago. I dunno, it just didn't make the top of my to-do list like somethings do. And then it took me two weeks to pull the bike away from the balcony wall and pop the new rim on there. Just in time for the end of the season. Today is sunny and dry. I rode for an hour an a half, is all. Stuck to intra-city trails too. If it's dry tomorrow I'll kick it up a knotch. Especially as my tennis partner is MIA these days. When she wants a break from living her life and wants to come out to play, well she knows my number. I'm ribbing her and she knows it. There's only so many dry days left (I've been told).

To continue with the weather report, many ways are there to say "rain"? Although from what I've witnessed - it seems I should be learning all the cloud formations instead. We may be coming on rainy season, but there seem far more cloudy days than rainy days.

Let's see:
uhhhh.....(I'll work on it)


  1. I'll be riding in rain and likely snow, too. Don't want to pay for taxis this year, but we'll see.

    I've been slacking off a bit with riding, but it's just a phase, I think :-)

  2. It's a phase, Doug. It'll pick up in March/April/May all things a season. Which is grand. It gives one time to catch one's breath.