Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Going for Certified - Yoga Love

I finally signed up for Yoga Teacher Certification.  I will be officially certified to help any of you with a great child pose.  Believe me, it's worth it.  Child pose is worth it, being able to confidently and knowledgeably help any of you into and out of this most difficult of poses (NOT difficult at all) is worth it, and being certifiable in anything is always worth it.  Even certifiable crazy is worth it - I think there's some public health funds available with that one.

I chose option 3 (for those that read my March posting) for my training certificate.  I chose the studio that only does teacher training for Yoginis and Yogis (not Bear - he just wants the pik-a-nik basket).
I chose the studio that offers overseas retreats in conjunction with the class.

There's no retreat attached to this particular class session.  I know, you are all wondering why I would sign up for the session that does not include the overseas retreat.  I signed on now because I felt a great connection with this instructor. I signed on now because in the course of chatting with the studios that offer RTY200 - 200 hours of yoga teacher training - this one seems the most holistic, rounded, all encompassing, and generally kinder, thoughtful.  This studio appears to be less like a business, more like a service.  I like the philosophy that was presented; basically her yoga, my way.  And I signed on now because I will receive my teaching certificate while I am still 55 years young.  That has been a goal of mine for the last two years.  Timing, it appears, is everything.

Especially when one is grabbing for their pik-a-nik basket.


  1. Hey Boo Boo let's go get that picnic basket. Im hungry! great to see you again!