Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Suzi Homaker is Considering an Oil Change

But, Suzi being a single girl, is wondering about the used oil coming out of the vehicle. She is fortunate to live within walking distance of the oil recycling drop-off center. Disposing of the oil won't be a problem. Or will it? How does one get the used, gunky, dark and crusty oil to the drop-off center? I dunno.

Looking around the apartment for something to put the oil in, as it comes out of the vehicle and then to get it trasported to the drop-off, Suzi wonders if the plastic tub she uses for mixing floor cleaner and then mopping her kitchen and bathroom would work. Well, sure. Why not? Ever resourceful, Suzi is considering using plastic wrap to seal the oil in the tub until she can drive the block and a half to the center. Maybe "Press 'n Seal" would work better? If she drives less than 8 miles an hour it shouldn't slosh too much in the back of her car, maybe. Hmm, Suzi wonders, what cleaner will get the tub cleaned out enough to use it again for her floors?

What should Suzi use? Is she better with the "Press 'n Seal" or the plastic wrap? Should she drive the disgusting refuse to the center or walk it over? Can she drive less than 8 miles an hour without backing up traffic too much? If she walks it over to the center does she have cruddy enough clothes (and shoes) to be sloshed on? What cleaner will clean out the car after half the oil sloshes all over the floor from the two turns she needs to make to get to the center? Decisions, decisions.


  1. Id take the car to the garage and let them do it! But Im lazy by nature!

  2. Use empty gallon milk jugs; Use one, laid on its side with a large piece cut out of the up-side. Then carefully pour that, using a funnel into another, intact jug. Of course, keep the lid on the sideways one until time to pour.
    Or pour it into the empty quart size oil bottles you emptied into the car.
    A product called Drive Up will get the oil out of the pavement and truck bed, should that occur. Soak up excess with kitty litter first, or better yet, don't spill it. the end