Saturday, October 31, 2009

Frogs for Breakfast

Thursday I was stranded with only one book. How I got stranded with only one book to read (or not read) and more than enough time on my hands to read the whole thing is unimportant. It seems that the important thing is that ~ IF you are required to eat a frog, do it early, do it quick and don't waste your time staring at the frog it will only ruin your appetite.
I did not find a section on WHY one would be required to eat a frog. That doesn't seem to be the point.

In the meantime...I hope you each get done all those things you wanted to get done. (Thank you Brian Tracy for a quick lesson while I was so thoroughly bored.)


  1. I have a few things around here to tackle. I guess I should start eating that bag of frogs, ugliest to prettiest :-)

  2. Now there's prioritizing I hadn't considered. Huh, this book didn't say anything about kissing the slimy things...couldn't I just kiss 'em and get it over with?