Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Puzzling Day

Sunday was a puzzling day. I spent a good portion of my afternoon looking mostly for the piece with the yellow flowers and blue edge. As far as puzzle pieces go this one was elusive. I still haven’t found it. I know it’s in the box. It’s there. It will show itself eventually, it has no choice. This brings me to admit that this puzzle seems to be a pretty good analogy for my life. All the pieces are there. Right now, I don’t know where they all fit, I just know they will. When I stir up the pieces in the box some pieces look familiar, some don’t, some are face down, some rise to the surface repeatedly.

I had it in my mind to find this one puzzle piece with the yellow flowers and the blue edge. I started by moving all the pieces in the box to one end and slowly, one by one, sifting through the pieces looking for yellow flowers and for blue edges. I found the legs on the flying bug and was able to pop that into place right away. Then I found the crescent edges of the moon – three pieces that fit wonderfully and allowed the tops of the trees to come together in a string of puzzle pieces leading further into the center of my puzzle. As I looked for that particular piece to my puzzle (not to forget the yellow flowers with the blue edge), I found all these other wonderful pieces that I recognized, that fit, that make up this intriguing picture.

It’s not just a puzzle. I found myself wondering about all the pieces of my life – what I’ve done, what I’ve not done, what yellow flowers I have planted, what deep blue nights I have witnessed. It is nice to call to mind that all the puzzle pieces are here. Just because I can’t see where they fit, doesn’t mean they won’t. In fact, all the puzzle pieces will fit – it’s just a really, really big puzzle. I am not to forget that while I look for one particular puzzle piece there are plenty right in front of me that fit right now.


  1. Hi Sarah. I love the analogy of life compared to a puzzle. I agree with you completely about all the pieces being right there for us to see and to use.I surely hope all your "puzzle pieces" come together quite nicely this very moment and continue to "fit" perfectly! Have yourself a wonderful week my dear. "Hugs"

  2. As I read this, my cat hops in my lap. I remembered the quote by H Nicholson-- “A cat is a puzzle for which there is no solution.”

    Enjoyed your post.

  3. Ah, but the cat "fits".

    Thanks for sharing :)