Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The "other" side of life

Here it is. The thought I was trying to get to while you were here.

I have visions that feel wonderful and right. It is the vision of money falling onto me, the sky full of money in floating bills down onto me. I am catching these bills, they fall into my hands and I am giving the money back out easily and effortlessly to little boxes that send the money back out again to the people that are asking for it, that I repay, and that I pay forward. There is just an unending stream of this money falling for me. Whatever it is I am doing to receive this money is enjoyable and a "god" given gift that encourages me to do more and receive more. This image that comes to me often these days, this image is what I wish to translate into an action. My question to "the all there is" is how do I make this come to pass? What "thing" is it that I do that is so inspiring that I can't help but do it? I have to bring this image out of the spiritual and into my life.

I know what it is. I do know. But, I haven't been able up until now to see, or to accept, or to do what that is. There is something shadowing this obvious answer. Something that keeps me from that firm and absolute belief. I would like to believe it is in my writing. I am getting closer to the "whatever" it is when I am writing. The first request to the spirit is then, Please, allow me to believe and then to see the actions that will bring this to pass. I am in the midst of surrendering. It feels right. It feels scary. In an exciting threshold sort of way. I ask then to allow me to allow myself to step over that threshold and make this my life in joy and peace.

The media does make light of this thought pattern and derisive comments. One more reason I am proud of myself for not having cable service.

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