Friday, November 26, 2010

Giant Rocks

Now, boys and girls, last time we saw the Giant he was sitting among the pile of rocks at the bottom of the landslide he had created when he slipped down the side of the mountain. He knew he was getting closer to the sound of prayers and music and maidens. He was also getting confused on which thing he was hearing. He was getting tired too. It is not good to have a Giant in one’s midst that is tired and confused.

Giants are very big, and can be very powerful and do not know their own strength. It is good that this Giant was not near anyone we know. But, the day was not easy on this Giant. As he got up, dusted off his britches and continued on his way along the path. The Giant soon found the path was blocked by the most stubborn boulder. The Giant tried to push the boulder out of the way. It would not budge. He pushed with all his might. Then the Giant tried to go around the boulder but it was overgrown with terrible thorny thickets. The Giant knew he needed to get through. He knew the sound of prayers and the oceans and maidens was on the other side of this boulder.

In desperation The Giant ripped up a tree and like a lever he stuck the tree under the side of the boulder. He tried to heave the rock forward. He tried to dig under the boulder to loosen it’s grip on the earth. The Giant tried again to get leverage with his stick, his tree trunk, to roll the boulder to the side. The boulder would not move.

The Giant was angry. He was frustrated and confused. He was scared that the sounds, the music and the prayers, would go away and leave him on this foreign hill with no direction of where to go. That Giant got terrible, furious raging mad. He started to beat at the boulder. He heaved that tree upon the rock with all his might, with all his pent up frustration. He beat and beat on the boulder. The Giant thrashed about and hit the rock again and again. As he raged upon the rock his voice called forth all the rage he felt inside. The deep growls, and careening angry tones poured from the Giant as he allowed all that angered his heart to be spent on this rock. The growling and howls filled the canyon below the Giant and echoed back to him in great depths of despair. He had never been so mad, so frustrated, so lost.

The rock broke. The boulder split.

The giant sat down and cried. He cried his relief that the boulder had split in half, like walnut shells. He cried relief that he had raged against the rock. He cried in shame that he had cried. A small stream began at the Giants feet. The stream carried the Giants tears down the hill.

When the Giant got to his feet he walked toward the boulder that was now in two pieces, as if two turtles has rolled onto their backs. The Giant was going to walk between the two halves to continue on his journey to the Sounds. What he saw stopped him in his tracks. Each half of the boulder carried treasure beyond even the Giants enormous imagination. The Boulder halves glinted in the sunshine, more full of sparking jewels than the most brilliant geode. The Boulder was full of crystals, and diamonds, emeralds and rubies. Garnets and even strings of pearls and blue lapis (a most unusual sight) were all jumbled together in the rock halves. The Giant put his hands into the rock and pulled out great loads of treasure. Nowhere had he expected his anger and his frustrations to break so heavy a rock. Nowhere had he expected such riches be laid before him upon the breaking. The Giant stuffed his pockets with the gems and pearls. It was only a couple handfuls out of the enormous pits of jewels that was the inside of the rock.

Shaking his head in disbelief and in wonder and in surprise the Giant walked between the rock halves and wandered his way down the mountains to find the beautiful sounds that yet filled his ears.


  1. Some days are diamonds, some days are stones. Your story telling makes my time spent here shiny and rich.

  2. I love this one Sarah! Great work my friend! Hey, and the giants won the world series this year too!