Wednesday, November 17, 2010

It matters

To quote a site I enjoy reading:

"I should also mention that dark matter is a favourite target of science skeptics. However, it is often overlooked that the central thesis of the postulate is about not making an assumption i.e. just because the ordinary matter that we are familiar with can be seen, we should not assume that all matter can be seen..and science is very much a game of making as few assumptions as possible. " (My emphasis.) Antimatter Blog

God, I love this stuff!! I'm counting on that theory to be right. I love finding these quotes.


  1. I sometimes say something like that now and then... Just because I don't know about something, doesn't mean it doesn't exist :-)

  2. I like what Doug said!

  3. I put it like this....

    Stuff you know.
    Stuff you know you don't know.
    Stuff you don't know that you don't know.

    The third one is a bit spooky.