Saturday, November 6, 2010

Castro is my friend

Mr. Castro first Facebooked me a month ago. I was intrigued that he knew so much about my early years; where I grew up, what I was like in my twenties. He has the usual Castro black and white photo as a "profile" pic (see above - I lifted it from FB). It was just eery that a man near on his deathbed, in perfect colloquial english would know me.

OH! my's not Fidel. It's a buddy of my dad. Different guy. It's still eery how much he remembers.

PS: Anyone know how to fix a sewing machine?


  1. Best way to fix a sewing machine: buy a new one. (Repair typically costs MORE; amazingly enough.) The recycler in me really hates that reality.

  2. I know! I've seen 'em for $50. That's so incredibly doable.