Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sunday Thoughts

Crazy, wonderful morning over here on the left coast. I found myself walking through love. (I know - "There she goes again, getting all freaky on us.") Thing is I'm walking along thinking all the goofy things I usually think (I spend a lot of time contemplating existence, synchronises, subtle shifting of paradigms and the like.), when I thought it would be interesting, if like the goldfish swimming in water, what if we are human swimming through love. Just substitute the word love for the word air. For an hour.

I wonder, like the goldfish, that we have no idea how we are suspended in love. It's not sink or swim - we swim without effort. We don't even know we swim. So, why the effort? This all calmed me down tremendously.

It is just as easy to walk surrounded in love as it is to walk surrounded in air.