Saturday, October 9, 2010

Fear of fairytales

There once was a girl who wanted to write fairytales. She was scared of writing them. But, she didn't know why. She might have been scared no one would read them. She might have been scared that she wouldn't write them right. She might even have been scared that they would bring out the fears in her own life and that would mean everyone that read them would know her. That was a scary thought.


  1. Allegory can be personal; I've done it, but when I posted it, nobody knew it was allegorical :-)

  2. I like the ones in which evil doers and even innocent but dumb kids get eaten up. Those are fun.
    The ones with hot chicks in a coma, just waiting for some guy to kiss them are good too.
    I hope this helps.

    Screw what anyone thinks, write what you have inside. No one is going to hurt you for that, as if they could.

  3. That helps, Juan. Thanks for the laughter, I mean thanks for the insight!