Sunday, July 25, 2010

A Ten Dollar Tent

All the parts are there...
A family size tent - in excellent condition
I like the "alcoves".

I am considering where I will go first to get to use it...
"Deflated" and ready to wrap up - need comfortable cots and sleeping bags now...


  1. I have a round one with poles like that one. There is a tear in one spot, and I don't know if I remember how to put it together.

    One time I had it in the front yard when we lived in the country, and a wind blew it away (I didn't have it anchored). I found it a few days later about a half mile down the road in a farmer's field, up against a fence. It was still erect, just on its side :-) I picked it up by the poles and carried it home.

  2. I do like the way they make tents with the elastic banded poles. Too cool!

  3. That tent has a foyer! Very formal. I want one with bear and all animal life repellent.
    Good deal on that tent.