Saturday, July 17, 2010

Customer Service

As I answer the phone calls at work I find there are a lot of people that are compelled to tell me their story before they ask for whatever thing they are calling to request. They tell the story as if it has a bearing on how I will answer. Nine times out of ten it does not. Either I have what they want or I don't. I can offer alternatives, but it has to do with the constraints I am working under and not their story. I must remember that when I ask a customer service person for something they are in a position to grant that I just make the request without the life story - the story is irrelevant.
I do find it funny anymore, and yes I smile often at this one, that when a person asks for something and I am able to say, "Why, yes. Here you are." My most heard response is, "No, I wanted it in a different shade (or whatever variation they did not designate)." I outright handed them what they asked for, but no. Now that they are getting what they asked for they want to make stipulations.
Which brings me to the Great Creator, or God, or the Universe, or the Ultimate Customer Service Manager...they know the story, they know what we need. If all we have to do is ask, why are we so busy telling stories and making stipulations?

The people I see each day live in a very narrow band width. It appears the more stipulations one makes the narrower the options. I am hoping for a stipulation free day.


  1. Henry Ford had the right plan, you can get the Ford in any color you want--as long as it's black.
    People do best when the options are narrowed to one or two.

  2. Let them eat cake. In a flavor and with frosting of your choice.