Sunday, July 18, 2010


I've been fussing with some Ikea shelving I picked up very cheap (cheaper than the store even - so there). I've been fussing with this since about eight this morning. I have two shelves done. I have two to go. These are "floating" shelves. Very cool.

According to the picture directions on the insert I am to either find the wall studs or purchase various and several hardware depending on the type of wall I am installing the shelving onto. I found the wall studs. The pre-drilled holes on the Ikea shelving face plate match nothing in my wall. Nothing.

While I was on-line getting ready to post this silly shelving kiniption thingy on Craigslist to see who was silly enough to take it off my hands - I wasn't going to tell them how user unfriendly it is - I came across an entry regarding the very shelving unit I had found useless. The author made it very simple. Ikea does not understand 16" center wall studs. They don't have that construction technique. She said to simply take the shelving face plate and drill holes into it at 16" intervals. I think she said, "It doesn't take a rocket scientist, drill the holes where you need them."

Now if only I could find a posting regarding this kit for the Ikea Car...


  1. I guess if you build everything out of either solid wood or concrete, 16" centers are meaningless :-)

  2. 16" centers begins to sound poetic and rather quaint actually.

  3. I want the car. I thought 12" centers was the deal. Maybe only nominally in hurricane country, then if Uncle Sergio has a friend in bldg inspecting, is OK, just do 24" centers and buy him a nice pig to roast. OH, I got carried away there. Must be homesick.