Sunday, May 16, 2010

Some days I post photos

Some days I run - such as May 9
Some days I eat - May 16 (Yum, Rhubarb Cobbler)


  1. Running would interfere with my eating...
    Mmmm... (insert fruit here) cobbler...

  2. I forgot what rhubarb tastes like. It seems I had some and it was not bad.
    Maybe in I.B.? What a rhubarb is and how it grows, I may have been told but forgot. Almost an obscene sounding word.

  3. I grow rhubarb in my back yard ... love cobbler! (Lucky woman, you!) Here's a photo of the plant for Johno ...

  4. By the way, looking good! looks like you have about seven fingers on one of those hands.
    Is that helpful, or do some of them get in the way?

  5. You're the best Tami. Thanks for the pic. I am seriously pleased to hear rhubarb grows here in the North Wet...

    Sorry Juan, I tried growing rhubarb in San Diego eons ago in that other lifetime, it just didn't work. That rhubarb pie in I.B. was divine, though wasn't it? I would do that again.