Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Between contracts

Between contracts - that's code for unemployed right now.

I've decided for Wednesday to go to WorkForce or whatever the unemployment offices are called and sit at their computers and talk to people there. I feel that I have nothing more to offer the contracting agency that I have been working through for the last year...and she has nothing but that one employer to offer me. Making the leap and getting hired on permanent at that one employer is er...difficult and/or undesirable.

I've not been to an unemployment office before...ever. I'm actually a little curious what they could say there. So many of today's population are affected by the "Unenjoyment Office" whether they go to the physical offices or not. I wanna go check it out. I'll always feel I've missed an opportunity to be a part of the larger populace if I don't go. (Yes, I'm one sick puppy)

Report tomorrow. No promises on how interesting this is.

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