Saturday, May 8, 2010

Marathon Madness #12

Really it is madness. I am not alone with the aches a pains that have surfaced since I've started running with the team. I know this because the newsletter had a lovely piece about how to go about taking an ice bath.

This is the stuff we get in our weekly "pep" talk online...

Here’s the deal: during those long training sessions you’re asking a lot from all the muscles in your legs. It’s true that direct icing in certain areas is beneficial, but full immersion has a much deeper and longer lasting effect. When you’re in the ice bath, the cold restricts the blood vessels and in turn reduces the swelling. It’s like a massage from the inside. Once you’re out of the bath and your muscles begin to warm up, the blood delivers fresh oxygen to your muscles aiding in a faster recovery.

The following steps can make the experience one that is less traumatic. First, don’t try to face down a bath full of ice water; it will make it nearly impossible for you to get in the tub. Next, prepare yourself. Leave your workout clothes on and get yourself a nice warm jacket and hat, a cup of something warm (like hot chocolate) to drink, and your favorite reading material. Then, get in without any water and then start filling the tub with cold water and gradually pour the ice (2-3 bags) over your legs. The level of the water should cover your legs and come up to your hips. Stay in the tub for 10-15 minutes. Afterwards make sure you let all your friends know how tough you have become.

Lucky for you your coaches have made this a much more sociable event. Most of the remaining Saturday practices are at locations where we can hop in the water after training. Don’t forget your towel and sandals!!

Your Coaches,
I am astounded at how this is definitely a social event. I am amazed that I run longer when I have someone to pace with. So, I am standing in the frigid waters of the Northwest...all I can say is, I'm not alone.
But I am waving!

Really it is madness.

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