Sunday, May 9, 2010

My Kind 'o Sunday

Regardless of any intentional holiday here - I just had a great Sunday. I woke up in time for my favorite Sunday morning show, was treated to a great buffet size breakfast,washed the truck with K, spent the afternoon at the beach soaking up the vitamin D and stopped at the craft store so I can play with paper (and with any luck glue my fingers together) and I'm on track for an hour of yoga yet this evening. I'm feeling back on track with the bigger picture - training, health, projects, dreams - all that goofy stuff.

Saturday was good too, for that matter. I ran for a little over two hours. (You know that would not have happened had I not had my pacing buddy with me. It let me know how I truly needed to get back on track.) I stood in freezing water until I hurt or was numb or both; and spent the rest of the day recouperating - also called watching movies (Charlie Wilson's War is a good one).

I would do this weekend over again. It was one of those normal, mudane, unexceptional yet perfect weekends. I like these.


  1. It's only a Hallmark holiday, but it sounds like you had a day worthy of it's own card :-)
    Happy Mother's Day, S.

  2. Sunday sounded good--saturday Im not so sure about! So glad you had a great Mothers Day!