Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Moth is gone

The Moth and I have been living together for the last couple of days. He sneaked in on Saturday night (was it Sunday morning?) when I came home after the dinner party. The entry way was full of flying creatures enjoying the night evening and the light next to my door. I'm sure I smelled of the wood fire smoke I'd been sitting near on my friends patio. I might have smelled of the couple of drinks I'd had the pleasure of too. I didn't ask the Moth what I smelled like. I swatted him away from my door and told him to go home.

When the door looked clear enough of creatures for just me to go through I unlocked it, slid in and shut it rather quick. Damn bugs. It was while I was seated on the throne unrolling tissues to finish my paperwork that the Moth decided to ascend from my hair and flit around my bathroom. I recognized him from that group hanging around waiting for me to get home. That night was the first time I've ever shut the bathroom door since I moved in. Moth decided he liked my shower wall. I let him stay the night. I really didn't want to spend my time chasing him out. As far as guests go, he was pretty quiet.

We stayed in separate corners. In fact I didn't see him much all week. I was a little concerned at what he may be eating while I'm at work. Everything in the refrigerator is still there. He didn't seem to move anything on the counter tops. I dunno. I'll check for holes in my clothes later.

This evening I was watching Dr Zhivago with Omar Sharif (Cat on a Hot Tin Roof is next-I'm on a classics kick right now) when this "knocking" of sorts is happening on my screen door to the deck. Moth finally decided he's had enough. He kept whacking himself into the screen. I didn't want a roomate right now anyway, even if he was quiet. I put a brandy snifter over him and slid the screen over until the glass and the outside met. In the front door, out the back door. I came in smelling of booze, he can leave smelling of booze. I'm glad he's finally gone. I didn't want this place to become some moth flophouse. I do have my standards.

Such excitement in my life...


  1. Well Sarah I do hope your 4th of July will bring much excitement into your life! Be safe and hav e lots of fun!"hugs"

  2. I am sure he will have stories to tell all his moth friends about being held captive by the giant wingless creature with no good moth food.

  3. Thank you, Ron. I expect, and hope, your weekend to be wonderful.

    Doug: "giant wingless creature" just gave me a whole new perspective on my life.


  4. Sarah, only from the moth's perspective. From here you are right sized, and certainly have wings.

  5. Seems to be a rash of insect rescue in the air these days. Lucky moth. I'm sure those I've recently met wish they'd met you instead. Can't argue that. Insect rescue may be in the air, but not on this hill.