Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Clean windows, clear vision?

Windows were cleaned at work today

Clean windows, clear vision? I wish. Though I can appreciate the analogy, it's not doing it for me. I've been pretty quiet lately (my friend told me so). I'm thinking too hard to say much I suppose.

Things going on in my head...
I had a vision, - moving, job, new home, yadda yadda. Each item has been checked off my list. So, what's the new vision? I've been bantering about some ideas. Nothing is solidifiying as a plan of action. I hate that I'm just lollygagging in the water here. I want to pull in the jib, make sure the rudder is set and head for a fresh target. At the same time nothing really needs to be done. There's no timeline to hold to. I should pull out a good book and just decompress. I should relax and enjoy the view for a little longer...Easier said than done.

I'm considering going back to school for one thing. I'm considering keeping my head above water financially for another. Maybe a second job for a little bit. If I just lay low for a bit the second job shouldn't be necesary. Just the thoughts that are running through my head.

I'm getting a little miffed at technology lately. Over the weekend my cell phone decided to quick responding. I went a day without phone service, just to be reminded that sometimes all these things need is to be turned off and turned back on again. Re-boot is still a viable option. I have a friend I Skype with often enough. I'm starting to lose my patience there. The whole Skype transmission gets pixelated, and seems to collect information in slow motion and then sends it over the airwaves (literally) all at once but just mashing in the bits that don't fit any more. I miss stuff. It always feels like key phrases. Or I get it, but my patience with this technology stuff is running thin.

Are we coming on a full moon?

Thanks for letting me type this out. I see as I read through this that I could probably make a concerted effort to sit back and relax for a minute. It'd do me good to slow down and quit with the agenda for a bit. I'm not finding an agenda I want to follow right now anyway. My best nights are spent sitting on the deck watching the sunset. I don't even talk to myself during those times.

I'm enjoying playing tennis with my buddy. We found another set of tennis courts this evening that no one uses around 6 pm. Note to self: stretch first, young lady! This weekend I'm taking part in a Relay for Life - Cancer fundraiser. My job is to show up with cookies, lots of cookies, and to walk all night, or a good part of it. This should cure cancer. Hey, let me know if you'd like to donate. I am definitely taking donations for walking around and around a field. I've already got a little start, and every bit matters. We'll throw those starfish back into the ocean one starfish at a time if we have to (remember that story?). A day at a time. Remind me of that tomorrow when I get all carried away again.

A day at a time -

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  1. I am learning, instead of living in the future and constantly focusing on what I might become, I should spend SOME time enjoying the here and now.

    Sometimes it's helpful to just plan: What one exciting thing am I going to do TODAY?