Sunday, July 19, 2009

Touristy Times

Hanging out at Edmonds Beach in northern King County this last Friday I watched the ferry going in and out of the area. The dock was out of site from where I was. Today I drove back over, made a concerted effort to see the dock. This is the ferry returning from Kingston on the other side of Puget Sound. Far more interesting in person, I assure you.
Edmonds is a bike ride away from where I live. It's the next suburb over. I've been driving around lately checking out my neighborhood and then going a little further each time. I've driven through downtown Edmonds now three times in the last several weeks. It was time to get out of the car and check it out. Today I played tourist. (I still have nine months of my "Year of the Tourist" left) Basically, Edmonds is in bloom. I just wish it photographed as beautiful as it looked.
Now that I think on it Lavender Festivals are going on all over the area. Between the rosemary shrubs and the lavender baking in the sun all day, this place smells great.

As I walked through a kitchen gadgets shop (always worth going into) I found myself laughing out loud. I may have a terrible sarcastic streak in me, because I am still laughing. The kitchen towel had the cutest circa 1960's Woman's Day woman on it and it read, "Why do I have to get married? I didn't do anything wrong."
I still think it's funny.


  1. LOVE these pics...I am from Seattle and have spent much time in Edmonds. It was a nice flashback of memories from home where my entire family is still living.

    And the towel made me laugh too. Nice add.

  2. That was the story of Goddess Quan Yin, of Buddhist tradition. Refusing to be married by force to a man she did NOT love {{what did she do wrong?}} she chose to study as a nun instead. Her father-the-King was furious and ordered her execution (loving father-figure that he wasn't) . . .

    Fortunately, she survived that ordeal but only to endure even more torture by her father's command.

    Views on marriage certainly have changed over the centuries but the lovely aroma of rosemary and lavendar continue to live on with adoration forever.

  3. SunTiger,

    Thank you. Funny I've considered the path of a buddhist nun. There's a "nunnery" here in the NW. It's not out of the question. I'd never heard the story. My favorite is the Dragon King's Daughter.

  4. Duty, by godt, and that woman should have remembered that. It's her damned duty!!
    A lone hermit---(go figure....)