Sunday, July 19, 2009

Add in...

It's time to get a photo of how bad my tennis serve looks and post it here. Just so all this great sports commentary has the appropriate action photo to accompany it. I have such a great time playing tennis and I have yet to learn what winning feels like. It's just raw fun.

This week I learned an interesting tidbit, "add in" and "add out" - both scoring terms that tell me we are close to the end of the game and that I've not done too bad - actually stand for "advantage in" and "advantage out". These are not matters of ADD. Although I have wondered about ADHD. It's a heck of a lot easier to keep track of end of game scores when I consider who has the advantage. Just so I'm clear on this...the server has the advantage. If she gets it over the net, I have a running chance, literally, of getting the ball back to her. Our games are getting longer as we spend more time yelling "Deuce" at each other. That may be the name for my next dog.

The "good" match this last week was 2-4, her favor.


  1. Anything you can do in tennis beats the heck out of what I can do in any sport ;-)

  2. When in doubt shout, out! and if you lose track of score, yell, deuce! In my case, deuce would generally work in my favor.

  3. Thank you, Juan. That "deuce" thingy will certainly help.