Monday, August 5, 2013

Miraculous Journey

Today is to start a 21 Day Meditation Challenge.  I don't find it particularly challenging to meditate.  It comes pretty naturally.  The theme of this grand 21 Day Meditation is "Miraculous Relationships".

I've been MIA as a blogger now for at least a year and a half.  And I can confidently state it is because of miraculous relationships that I have been missing from the blogosphere.  When there is life to be experienced, there is very little time to sit and write about it.  Besides, the server on these work computers is so old most of the Blogger features do not work any longer and it makes for a rather messy posting.

Nonetheless, I've been fishing and making sausage, pickling cucumbers and crabbing.  I've been meeting a vast plethora of people and attending graduation parties and visitng casinos.  I've been out for dinner and in for football games.  I've attended baseball games and dug for oysters.  I'm riding motorcycles and towing boats. 

It's all been pretty miraculous considering that I spent my last 8 years blogging and writing and staring out windows of various apartments and back doors.  It's as if life has invited me to join it.  I have no time to write.  I barely have time to DO all the things that have been offered up for me in this life. This is my miracle.

A 21 Day Meditation Journey/Challenge may actually be a challenge.   As far as relationships go, I know I would like to foster the relationships I have already in place; my friends in the mountains (that is a vehicular challenge), my family in New York, the people that have gathered for my daughter's wedding, etc.  Relationships are never perfect, that's why we work at them.  And this is certainly one of those times that the words "work" and "play" may be interchanged at will.

Today's assignment for the challenge is to "Set one intention for your journey toward miraculous relationships."  I am considering spending the meditation time today exploring what that intention will be.  The posibility exists that my intention is simply to continue, to extend the miraculous relationships I already have.  To continue to watch the roots of friendships grow.  I'll be considering this.

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  1. great to see ya again! Happy things are going good for ya!