Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Utterly Unimpressive

The orthopedic doctor was utterly, completely and definitively unimpressed with my ankle injury. He seemed to be wondering why I was even in his exam room. I kept giving him woeful looks and deer-in-the-headlight stares. It didn't make any difference. He seemed to be irritated that I made him repeat the progress of self-care I am to follow. I played the idiot because I am one when it comes to ankle injuries. He assures me if this continues and my ankle becomes unstable we might have to "look into it". I've decided this is all a good thing. I didn't do as much damage as the pain seems to suggest. I can go my merry way wearing a monstrous cam boot on and off for the next four weeks and all is good. The boot is medical hideous...time to pick up a Beadazzler and add some bling.


  1. I've made the decision this is all a advantage. I didn't do as much harm as the discomfort seems to recommend. I can go my happy way dressed in a gigantic cam start on and off for the next four several weeks and all is excellent.

  2. An orthopaedic doctor is a surgeon who specialises in the diagnosis and treatment of bone and skeleton-related problems.