Saturday, January 14, 2012

Mountain of the Giants

I am totally miffed at Blogger these days.  They are wiping out my posts...this is the second one and it was well written and thoughtful and "poof" it's gone.

This sucks.

All I could recover from the net was...

Breath-e: Mountain of the Giants

11 hours ago ... I have to admit things are certainly heated up in the Mountain. A witch hasappeared in the Mountain of the Giants. She has flown in with a ... - Similar


  1. I think we may be living a fairy tale sometimes!Hope you and yours are having a great weekend

  2. Four - 4 posts have been deleted. I do not like the changes here at Blogger. What a waste of good thoughts.

  3. Careful when you add a tag, the screen blanks out. Pouf

  4. I noticed that when I was trying to read some comments. I was using IE at the time so I tried again in FF and had no further issues. I write in Notepad first, save that and then paste into Blogger. Too many times I have accidentally had the cursor outside the box and hit the Backspace key...

  5. That really sucks! I haven't had any problems lately, but in the past I've had things disappear..and it always seems to happen to something that you've taken time with and are really proud of! Hope you're having a great weekend regardless of Blogger and it's glitches..:)

  6. I've never had that happen to me. And the posts aren't in the "draft" listing anywhere? That's really odd. My blog is still the old format, but I have another (secret) blog which is in the new... which is very awkward...