Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Maybe just a list today

I've started a couple entries now and somehow nothing is of any particular interest; to me at any rate.

An overview of all I've written and deleted would read:

*Quit smoking, again. Thank you goes to a good friend that blew through town in July. Face and complexion are clearing. Smile is genuine.
*Mom's surgery went well. She is wondering why I get so worked up. I'm wondering why parents don't behave.
*Work is going well. I truly have no complaints. None. I think I should have complaints. That is my only complaint.
*Financially I'm still on track. (I am surprised to be spending so much on food & groceries. I mean, like, twice what I think I "should" spend on keeping myself fed. Will work to bring that down.) Still, I spent less than I made and I sent that off to pay down my loan from May. It is now a source of pride to be taking care of that.
*Football season is back on.
*Life is good.

* Oh and - I really like Gore Vidal's Lincoln. Chatty, opinionated characters, gossipy. It's a delightful read (so far). Did it have to be such a fat book? It lifts like a doorstop.


  1. Glad you stopped smoking again. I know it is a tremendous struggle...


  2. 1. Congratulations on doing something much better with your lungs besides smoking.
    2. Hurray for your improved complexion.
    3. Regrading: "I'm wondering why parents don't behave" LMAO. {{Hugs on that one}}
    4. I'm wondering where your idea "I think I should have complaints" comes from. Isn't it weird how when everything is perfect we can mentally sabotage things to make it all feel more chaotic and "normal?"
    5. Like you I completely feel surprised to be spending so much on food & groceries. BLEH. I seriously need to find a better/more economical, grocery store.