Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I would like it better if..

I would like it better if really tall men would keep their nose hair trimmed.

Just saying that if I have to look up at you to get your attention so you don't step on me, the little pip squeak that I am, it'd be nice if I were greeted without the tufts of hair fanning out your nose as if a feather duster is resting in there. Quite the surprise for me.


  1. I trim mine out of my ears too. Damn nuisance getting old...When you turn middle aged we call this "shrubbery"...and we call guys "Shrubs" for this very same reason...

  2. Talking bout nose hairs brings to mind a pet peeve of mine.Why do the hairs in my eyerows turn white when i want them to be bl;ack and why do the ear hairs turn black instead of being white so they wont show as bad? And Im also 6'3" so there you go! And you a pipsqueak? NAH that just aint so. Love ya bunches Sarah!