Monday, February 28, 2011

Do I miss it?

In my mailbox today came the question, "Do you ever miss the things you got rid of to move here? I keep hoping that if I get rid of enough I will feel more free, not like I lost things. After your journey what is your overall feeling?"

I'd have to say, no, I don't miss a thing. I wish I'd gotten rid of even more things. A couple things I was adamant about keeping are now obsolete, or at least no longer the loves that they were. The beautiful hand carved ladies writing desk that I felt so fotrunate to have found no longer really "fits" anywhere in the house. It's still beautiful, but not as dear as it had been. The 1600's silk pendulum wall clock that had been a prized gift is currently up for grabs on craigslist. Two things that I had taken such care to bring with me...I could do without. One thing I gave away that did hurt, the guitar, I'm glad I gave. It's been replaced with a better one (without a broken faceboard).

What you give comes back...tenfold. Give. Give freely. Give with the thought that the giving allows more, or better, to take it's place. The empty place that is made feels wonderful. It feels clean. It feels fresh.

So much has been replaced already. I have a leather couch now. I have a handmade bed. The lamps I disliked for years have been replaced (I only lived in the dark for a couple months - no time at all in the overall scheme of my life), have been replaced with lamps I find far more pleasing. I have clothes that my closet is glad to contain. I've also somehow collected tables that wiggle and wall art that don't quite trip my trigger (but my girls insisted I put something, anything, on the walls). I would love to get rid of the tables. But then my computer would be sitting on the floor and it's a little hard to surf the internet laying around on the living room floor. Just not the same.

Just another thought (Debbie Downer moment)...when my Grandmother died my uncle brought a bunch of stuff and four suitcases of photos to go through as a family to part out. Every one wanted a copy of almost every photo. None of us ended up with any of them - it was too overwhelming. I think about all the things I will leave behind and how it will be parted out and I know my family will be overwhelmed. They'll each get a couple things that mean a lot and the rest will be at Value Village or the dump. By the time I go the kids (and maybe their kids) will already have too much stuff of their own.

For now, I wasn't in a big hurry to replace things. In general I'm glad I took the time I did. I'm glad I said no to a few things I was offered. How do I feel after the journey? I guess I'm ready to move again - just up the road a little this time. I'm looking forward to getting rid of a couple things again. Overall my opinion is...get rid of it. Just let it go. You'll be surprised at what you don't miss.


  1. It has been awhile since I thought of all I let go of before my move.
    I've forgotten more of it than I remember.
    Letting go seems to be a principle which covers more than the material. Give in the right ways and it does come back. Not expecting or demanding it is important. Thanks for the reminder

  2. I have often thought that the only thing I possess of any value that my daughter would want are my guitars...

    Everything else is just stuff.

    I have learned so much about stuff and letting go by reading your journal. You are so much braver than I could ever be. Thank you for sharing your life. It is precious.


  3. I need to get rid of the stuff that has been moved from one closet to another, and all the knick-knacks and computer parts. I got rid of a futon and a nice leather recliner so I could buy a sofa and keep the orange vinyl daybed I found.

  4. Re-arranging stuff...that always brings to mind the stuff I can do without.

    Huh, computer parts...I have a litany of television cables. Only one television. Wow! Thanks...I gotta go toss some stuff.